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CLI & Config


Once lanceDB is installed, you can access the CLI using lancedb command on the console.


This lists out all the various command-line options available. You can get the usage or help for a particular command.

lancedb {command} --help

LanceDB config

LanceDB uses a global config file to store certain settings. These settings are configurable using the lanceDB cli. To view your config settings, you can use:

lancedb config

These config parameters can be tuned using the cli.

lancedb {config_name} --{argument}

LanceDB Opt-in Diagnostics

When enabled, LanceDB will send anonymous events to help us improve LanceDB. These diagnostics are used only for error reporting and no data is collected. Error & stats allow us to automate certain aspects of bug reporting, prioritization of fixes and feature requests. These diagnostics are opt-in and can be enabled or disabled using the lancedb diagnostics command. These are enabled by default.

Get usage help

lancedb diagnostics --help

Disable diagnostics

lancedb diagnostics --disabled

Enable diagnostics

lancedb diagnostics --enabled