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vectordb / Exports


A JavaScript / Node.js library for LanceDB.


npm install vectordb

This will download the appropriate native library for your platform. We currently support:

  • Linux (x86_64 and aarch64)
  • MacOS (Intel and ARM/M1/M2)
  • Windows (x86_64 only)

We do not yet support musl-based Linux (such as Alpine Linux) or aarch64 Windows.


Basic Example

const lancedb = require('vectordb');
const db = await lancedb.connect('data/sample-lancedb');
const table = await db.createTable("my_table",
      [{ id: 1, vector: [0.1, 1.0], item: "foo", price: 10.0 },
      { id: 2, vector: [3.9, 0.5], item: "bar", price: 20.0 }])
const results = await[0.1, 0.3]).limit(20).execute();

The examples folder contains complete examples.


To build everything fresh:

npm install
npm run build

Then you should be able to run the tests with:

npm test

Fix lints

To run the linter and have it automatically fix all errors

npm run lint -- --fix

To build documentation

npx typedoc --plugin typedoc-plugin-markdown --out ../docs/src/javascript src/index.ts